SWTOR update 3.0: Shadow of Revan and Servers taken offline

There is the latest news for Star Wars: The Old Republic released on game official website that a new expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be updated today. The new expansion is Star Wars: The Old Republic 3.0. To apply SWTOR update 3.0: Shadow of Revan Early Access, the servers of SWTOR will be taken offline on December 2nd, 2014. So SWTOR servers or the website will be unavailable during this time. There are numerous global combat changes will be introduced in this SWTOR update such as the Disciplines system. Moreover, the Shadow of Revan content can be only played by players who have pre-ordered before November 2nd, 2014. If you pre-order it by December 1st, you can get these special rewards!

  • Subscriber Exclusive: Class XP Boost Level 12x faster and exclusively enjoy class story missions through Level 55!

  • Grand Statue of Revan (Stronghold Decoration)

  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel Digital Expansion Level 51-55 missions and more

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Starbound fuel


From the developer, Starbound is expected outside the box science fiction. Despite the fact that large portions of its arranged characteristics are still to come (and in the event that you purchase the game), you’ll get everything and the fall out of this world. Starbound plays a considerable measure like “Terraria”, just in space, and a boundless number of procedurally produced planets to go to. At first, you will play a personality of your construction whose spaceship has barely kept away from decimation and soon ends up uncontrolled over an outsider planet without energy resource/fuel or any desire for salvage.

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Survivalcraft Seeds


If you have played minecraft and just discovered survival craft then you must be cheerful now because of this sweet alternative. This new alternative is truly an amusement where you need to craft while surviving on game play. This game includes investigation, developing, crafting, surviving, and all the more in precisely the same genre and environment like ‘Minecraft’. Using the same realistic where you can see such a large number of pixels and elements on your home screen, you’ll require your planning expertise at this moment and make the same number of things as you like inside the platform. Numerous individuals love Survival Craft, doubtlessly you will see this game on the top list whether it is IOS platform or Android.


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World of tanks Cheats


Are you tired of playing the world of tanks genuinely? Cracking the game via cheats can open assorted types of insane items. These cheats let you see many useful things just like seeing the role of opponents, via maps. Cheats might additionally enhance your cursor! World of tank cheats can do a lot of things such as hacking the gold. Despite the fact that different players can have improved their tanks or paid for extraordinary rewards through the shop area, you’ve got effective characteristics like additional tactile discernment, radar, or gold items accessible to take your tank engaging ability to the leading pace. Cheats are available for XBOX and PC.

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Borderlands 2 save editor


After many years the developers at ‘Gearbox Software’ launched another RPG game with an extraordinary symbolization style and inquisitively hard to kick game play. The game went from a simple layout to smash hit apparently really fast; after the launch, Borderlands 2 has seen revenue in the extent of millions of downloads and hard copies. Several small quests, a deeper and additionally more interesting story, and a bewildering number of weaponry, changes, and frail, this game conveys all around a spin-off should have. It’s beautiful, shocking, more obsessive than its ancestor, and has a funny, well-defined, and now & again diverting script.

Outwardly conversing, it can’t be better than it is now; More than expected...

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Dota 2 Wallpaper


Windows and MAC clients get images online which they want as stated by the resolution of their monitor, Almost everyone download pictures they like from internet and being a gamer, it is difficult to find an appropriate wallpaper.desktop wallpaper is a wellspring of bliss and spark for you. And when it comes to Dota 2 wallpaper, you can’t ignore a bit. This game is full of fascination and is DAMN! Good in regards of graphics.

When you are exhausted & drained out on long time taking a shot at your PC, then dota 2 wallpaper may invigorate you. On the off chance that you are thinking how dota 2 images can revitalize your brain, then you basically must put some gaming wallpapers with better graphics on your PC...

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Command block id


The game ‘Minecraft’ activity includes developing and eliminating Basic unit structures; The blocks (In the latest version you can see 153 types of blocks) of different sorts of 3D map. The diversion could be enjoyed by yourself or with buddies online, That’s just the beginning. What’s more, there are distinctive sorts of diversions. Gamers tackles the figures that can eliminate and make, to sort an exclusive framework with novel structure.

While on Minecraft interface we instantly devoid of any attempt can get the items. On the off chance that you need to figure out how to do this or how to do that, you just sort them in numeric characters. By doing this you will know what is coming next to you and you’ll know about the new item coming in your way...

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Batman Arkham origins Walkthrough


Present day starts with the Xmas Eve in Gotham and our superhero; The Batman is still not professional in fighting with the criminals, just in his next year as the Caped-Crusader. The cops still unfamiliar with him and they don’t believe in him, as they can’t trust anyone in the Gotham city. Darkly Coverup, 50$ bounty is set for batman from the greatest wrongdoing ruler in the town and the expert are after him. How he is going to secure the Gotham? How he is going to stop all the criminals? Can he tackle all of them? This is the main plot of this new game Batman Arkham Origins and we are going to share walk-through with you.

This game is the third series of its preceders and we all know it is presented by warner bros...

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Fallout 3 nexus


Happening a world destroying situation or apocalyptic in Washington DC, your character normally conceived into the stadium of Fallout, which creates short exercises and character customization that you can join in. Cut into various particular serious times that you encountered, you will see about your father, Vault life, and watch yourself develop into the personality you’ll get to be. Your “life you’ll find it” will probably be tossed towards the route side when your father surprisingly vanishes from the Vault eventually, holding routed the comprehensive area directly into an attacking passing trap.

You inevitably decide to go to find your dad, significantly, leaving your home town; the vault, and contemplating with understanding the globe...

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Fallout New Vegas Nexus


New Vegas could be a spin-off transpiring within literally the same concept since its previous versions, people that have not by any means played out previous versions of the fallout have literally nothing to consider as far as understanding the mission’s theme & story. As it were, the bomb blast happened around the regions of the US, and likewise the kids with the disaster stay to publish the particular items. The only distinction, notwithstanding, is that in light of the fact that New Vegas released after many years of its predecessor, everyone had more hours to concentrate. A ton time has passed in which Sin city might be recaptured in the brilliantly lit, wrongdoing pervaded, sin empowering which everyone appreciates these days...

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